A warm weekend meant that both Julia and I were up early to take advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures. Julia made here way to Prinsted shore with the terriers and I swung my leg over the bike and ventured out into the countryside.

It’s a way to escape the pressure’s of running our business after a busy and very hot week. My cycle ride took me out of Rowlands Castle towards Finchdean, under the railway bridge along to St. Hubert’s church.

St.Hubert is the patron saint of hunting and was also the bishop of Liege where a classic cycle race is held today so you can see why this little chapel appeals to me. Anyway, in the foregrounds of this picturesque church two fields of sunflowers are currently growing making a beautiful scene.

The sunflowers are for sale at a very reasonable £5 for 7 heads but remember to take something to cut them with along with your camera.